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French BTM certified farrier, Newbury Park, CA USA

Michel started his farrier career in 1981 apprenticing with different mentors in France, through the “Compagnons du Devoir” association, learning to shoe sport horses including jumpers, dressage, eventing and race horses (both thoroughbred and standardbred). Graduating the CAP (first level of certification in France) in 1986, he established his own shoeing company in the west countryside of France. He ran a successful business during 25 years shoeing sport, leisure and school horses, as well as teaching horseshoeing to many now successful young farriers and judging certification exams.

After graduating the BTM (highest level of certification in France) in 2008, Michel moved to California in 2012 and has, since then, been traveling around USA and Europe providing top quality horseshoeing to high level jumper and dressage riders including several Olympians.

Dufour Forge


French BTM certified farrier, COLINA, CHILE

Morgan started his career as a farrier apprenticing with Michel Le Pape as his mentor in 2003, in Normandy, France.

BEPA (second level of certification in France) certified in 2005, Morgan had the opportunity to shoe top level show-jumping horses with Jean Sarlet in Belgium.

In 2007, Morgan resumed his apprenticeship (BTM) with Michel Le Pape and, at the same time, established his first shoeing company. BTM (highest level of certification in France) certified in 2009, Morgan moved to Dubai as one of the Dubai Racing Club contract farriers, following sheik Mohamed bin Rashid al Maktoum and his endurance horses all around the world with a lot of success.

After years of travelling as a farrier, Morgan decided to settle in South America (Chile), shoeing sports horses and planning to open the first public horseshoeing school in Chile.